2019 Annual show

Garden Flowers & Produce Show 2019

Including Children’s, Craft, Cookery & Photographic Classes

Open to Everyone
Saturday 13th July 2019 at 2pm

Crowborough Town Fair
Goldsmith Leisure Centre Grounds

Prizes for 1st, 2nd & 3rd in children’s classes
Special Prize for Top Exhibitor

Entry forms to be handed in at the Society’s June meeting, or at Crowborough Town Hall, The Broadway, Crowborough

N.B. No exhibitor may stage more than one exhibit in any one class

CLOSING DATE FOR ENTRIES: Monday 8th July 2019


Entries to be staged 10:30am to 12:00 noon
Judging takes place: 12:00 noon to 1:45pm
Prize giving: 4:00pm

Enquiries: info.crowhorti@gmail.com


Flowers and Shrubs

Classes 1 – 11 are to be from the exhibitor’s own garden or cultivation

  1. Vase of mixed garden flowers – excludes roses & shrubs. table space 40 cm
  2. Vase of mixed garden shrubs – may include roses. table space 50cm
  3. Three heads of hydrangeas. table space 60cm.
  4. Five stems of sweet peas (excludes perennial sweet pea)
  5. One specimen rose
  6. Vase of roses with three stems (can be multi-headed). Max. table space 40cm
  7. A single-stemmed bloom from your garden
  8. Three pansy or viola flowers floating in a saucer of water
  9. FIRST-TIME ENTRANTS ONLY: Three blooms from your garden.

Indoor Plants:

  1. Flowering indoor pot plant. pot size 30cm (outside top edges)
  2. Cactus or succulent. pot size 25cm (outside top edges)

Flower Arrangements

Plant material for classes 12 – 14 may be from any source

  1. Flower arrangement. Max. size 45x45x45cm
  2. Arrangement in a teapot. size 45x45x45cm
  3. Arrangement of flowers using shades of one colour. size 45x45x45cm
  4. Arrangement of flowers from your own garden. Max size 45x45x45cm

Produce grown by the Exhibitor

  1. A single vegetable of any variety
  2. A specimen lettuce of any variety
  3. A collection of six vegetables. May be all the same or mixed.
  4. A vase of three edible herbs
  5. A plate of soft fruit (six strings of one type only)
  6. A plate of soft fruit (six single fruits of one type only)

Retain stalks on raspberries and calyx on strawberries

  1. Three sticks of rhubarb
  2. My disaster vegetable
  3. FIRST-TIME ENTRANTS ONLY: Three vegetables.  May be all the same or mixed


  1. A knitted item
  2. A crocheted item
  3. A birthday card for a gardener
  4. Make an artificial flower


All photos should be flat mounted, taken by the exhibitor, not previously exhibited – max size 180mm x 130mm

  1. A photograph of a flower
  2. Enjoying the garden
  3. Close-up of a flower or insect


  1. A cherry cake (max 20cm diameter)
  2. A Bakewell tart (max 20cm diameter)
  3. A jar of jam
  4. A jar of marmalade
  5. A jar of chutney
  6. MEN ONLY: six butterfly cakes

Children’s Classes (12 years and under only)

  1. Make a fairies’ / elves’ garden on a tea tray (max size 450mm x 300mm)
  2. Decorate a flower pot (max 15cm diameter across the top)
  3. Longest stinging nettle
  4. A collage picture of a single flower (max size A4 – 297mm x 210mm)

NB:  Children may also enter any of the adult classes.  If a Prize or Highly Commended is won, points will be awarded counting towards two overall Garden Token prizes – for age 10 and under, and for age 11 and over.


The trophies may be kept for three months, then returned to the Society


To enter, nominate four individual entries, each from a different class.
Entries will be judged within their class and prize points totalled.
Exhibits in this competition must be from members of the same family, including at least one adult and one child